Brazilian Peanuts

Peanut is a plant native to South America, and is consumed in the following ways: as butter and peanut paste, oils, in industrialized, roasted, cooked or raw sweets.

In Brazil, its production is concentrated in the state of Säo Paulo, where it represents 90% of the national production.

Our Story

In the 1960s the family Abdul Massih began career in the food industry working with peanuts and their derivatives in the city of Presidente Prudente SP, in 1975 acquired an area in the city of Pompéia - SP where they installed and set up the factory that until today following strongly consolidated in this branch being administered by its owner Joseph Zuza Somaan Abdul Massih, whose mission is to offer the best peanuts from Brazil to the world.


We cherish and are very attentive and rigorous when it comes to quality. Zuza Cereals in order to guarantee the best peanut for the customer, has· always been improving its manufacturing processes, from acquiring new technologies, as well as personal training, GMP certifications, HACCP, JLA sampling, commercial releases both domestic market and exportation by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, accompaniment and support | technical assistance to producers in their respective farms for free through our agronomist, safety and human resources personnel of the company Is employees and environment.

Our Products

We acquire peanuts in shell directly from the farmers, we benefit, classify and commercialize in grains of sizes 38/42, 40/ 50, 50/60, 60/70, splits and peanut paste in natura. The grains and splits, we packed in pp bags of 25 and 50 kg and big bags of 1,250 kg. Peanut paste in barrels.

Factory Process

Monthly Proccessing Capacity of 1500 Tons

Exportation and Domestic Market